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The Guardians: Hero

One-of-a-kind sculpture

The Guardians: Hero

New York, NY

©Antonio Pio Saracino

Architect: Antonio Pio Saracino

Client: ABC Stone

Completion: 2014
Category: Special Project

Project Type: Stone Engineering


Feb 2014 - Stone World

The Guardians: Hero sculpture in New York is an example of one-of-kind fabrication on display in Manhattan. In a demonstration of accuracy and innovation in stone drafting and fabrication, Union Marble & Granite and Precision Stone worked with acclaimed Italian architect and designer

Antonio Pio Saracino on his project, “The Guardians: Hero and Superhero.”

Detailed shop drawings, tickets, and engineering were masterfully supported with 3D modelling.  Material engineering and structural analysis of each layer of the statue was considered in the context of the overall scale.  An innovative solution achieved with elegance.