Private Residence - Toronto

This PICCO Engineering stone engineering project was a very high-end residential custom contemporary home. The owners were very particular on the material colour, texture, and grain size. Our scope included a quarry visit to Branco Do Mar. The slabs reviewed demonstrated a grain size too coarse, and a colour range that appeared to vary quite extensively from slab to slab and within a
single slab. The slabs also included some inclusions.

The architectural samples had a fine grain size and they were very consistent. We visited Our Lady of Fatima church to review the extent of the colour range of the Branco material and found it to be unacceptable. We visited alternate quarries in the area and found Rosal limestone that matched much closer to the control samples we had in our possession. The owner was very particular on the quality, colour, and technical properties of the stone.


PICCO Engineering was hired to provide full service consulting which included stone selection, design assist, quality control program, visits to the quarry and fabrication facility, shop drawings, shop tickets, engineering, and field inspections.

Location: Toronto, ON

Architect: Drawing Room Architects

Completion: 2014
Category: Private Residence

Project Type: Stone Engineering

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