First Presbyterian Church
of Oklahoma

This 50-year-old large church was decaying. Very large stones had shifted, fractured and worn down. The weather in OK can be quite brutal. Large ornate stained glass windows were showing the changes with cracks and decay. PICCO worked with masons to design, detail and provide drawings for fabrication of new stone pieces that did not just replace what was there but overcome expected failure points due to visual damage. PICCO employed modern joinery to a historically built building—no mean feat.

PICCO inspected, recorded, identified failure points and re-engineered the structure. For example, arches over stain glass windows needed to be re-engineered and redesigned. Installation was done in situ.

Location: Tulsa, OK

Architect: Lippert Bros

Client: Al Slattery Masonry Inc.    

Completion: 2020
Category: Religious

Project Type: Stone Engineering

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